Saturday, November 23, 2013

2nd Hand Shop!

Come check out my 2nd hand shop in-world!

It consists of all the fantasy gacha events, arcade events, and random gacha events i have travelled to. What I have out now, isn't even half of what i need to give away. Due to prim usage, i'm only setting out a few things here and there. Please purchase so more can come out of my inventory. I will also keep adding new stuff to my 'giveaway' folder as new gacha events appear.


- Please take items you've just purchased! -
- All sales are FINAL -
- I cannot redeliver, for they are gacha items, and I don't have any copies -
- All prices are based off of what I paid for them. I find this out by the awesome blog ( seraphim ) OR if i don't know how much i paid for the item, and the item is not listed in the seraphim webiste, I will set to 25L - 

Have fun! Thanks for Viewing! :D

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