Sunday, December 8, 2013

Even Though You Don't Love me, Just Tell Me You Love Me...


I've got a bunch I have saved up over the past few months, SO here's another :D



Shape - 
Skin - .birdy. Blair - Natural (RARE!) (From the Arcade)(with add-ons)
Hair - Burley - Sirah II LightBlonde
Hands & Feet - Slink (with birdy appliers)
Ears - Mandala - Omimi Stretched


Sweater - [Forever Young] Jordyn Sweater
Panties - -SuicidalUnborn!- Comfort Panties
Socks - C h a r y - Skeem Socks (with slink appliers)
Goggles - *Dirty Lynx* Kimiko Goggles

Don't Be Scared, I'm Right Here..

So its been a while, I know, I know.

I'm trying to update this as much as I can xD But I'm in the process of teaching myself how to make mesh and get my store up and going at Growl. Its a slow process for me. lol I apologize.

BUT! Let's get on with what you came here for, 

Body Parts

Shape - 

Skin - .birdy. Blair - Natural (RARE!) (From the Arcade)(with add-ons)
Hair - Taketomi - Hana - LightBlonde
Hands & Feet - Slink (with birdy appliers)
Bewbs - Lola Mirage (with birdy appliers)


Sleeves, Collar & Tummy Stripe - Graves - G387
Chest Piece - *Epic* - Pocket Turtleneck Sweater Prim (Tinted to Match)
Blindfold - Unavailable D:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

2nd Hand Shop!

Come check out my 2nd hand shop in-world!

It consists of all the fantasy gacha events, arcade events, and random gacha events i have travelled to. What I have out now, isn't even half of what i need to give away. Due to prim usage, i'm only setting out a few things here and there. Please purchase so more can come out of my inventory. I will also keep adding new stuff to my 'giveaway' folder as new gacha events appear.


- Please take items you've just purchased! -
- All sales are FINAL -
- I cannot redeliver, for they are gacha items, and I don't have any copies -
- All prices are based off of what I paid for them. I find this out by the awesome blog ( seraphim ) OR if i don't know how much i paid for the item, and the item is not listed in the seraphim webiste, I will set to 25L - 

Have fun! Thanks for Viewing! :D

Monday, August 26, 2013

Promise You'll Remember That You're Mine

An AWESOME result of me fiddling and clearing out my inventory :D

I have really had this STRONG urge to get cuddlefish back up and going...though I didn't have much to begin with, I am going to rebuild everything and make it 100% better than it was before. I've got lots of tools and such to mess with so keep an eye out!

BUT as I try to get my inventory organized, I thought I'd share my finds

↬ Body Parts ↫

Shape - ♡
Skin & Ears - ~Alchemy~ Eladie Skin - Pure  (with add-ons) ((@ We <3 Roleplay Event!))
Hair - NEW!!! [e] - Victoria
Hands - Slink (with ~Alchemy~ appliers)

↬ Clothing ↫

Top - .::Vassnia::. Right After - Ladies Men Shirt
Boots - *DL* (Dirty Lynx?) Baggers Ladies - MESH heavy grunge boots - skulls
Necklace - PIXEL BOX - Necklace "Guardian Angel"
Shades - Made By A Friend ((Not For Sale Yet?))

Send a NC or IM me ASMARIA LYVETTE for any questions!

Hey Guys, I Just Wanted to Add...

I've been getting a lot of pretty angry people telling me I don't give enough information in the posts...this isn't intentional. I am HUGE at keeping my inventory clean of extra landmarks, scripts, textures and such, so basically I just have the item in a folder...I don't have landmarks...and if I did, I'm sure they're not even updated....

SO if there is ANYTHING you need further information on, My user is    Asmaria Lyvette    in world. I'm usually on every single day. Just toss me a NC or an IM and I'll answer ASAP!


I Want to Teach You a Lesson in the Worst Kind of Way

I know...I know....
Been pretty busy, but I'm not about to give you a billion excuses for my absence..

I decided to blog a non-gorean outfit again today. Though, I'm sure those creative minds out there can use a few of these pieces for gor ^^

ELIKATIRA IS NOW SELLING NEW HAIR!!!! This has been my go-to store ever since I joined SL. I just love how their hair fits on the head and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited that they finally released new hair!!! Go check em out!

↟ click to enlarge ↟

 Body Parts ↫

Shape - ♡
Skin - ~Alchemy~ Eladie Skin - Pure  (with add-ons) ((@ We <3 Roleplay Event!))
Hair - NEW!!! [e] Jana
Hands - Slink (with ~Alchemy~ appliers)

↬ Clothing ↫
Top - Tee*fy Lenka Bralet - Chocolate
Pants - :Paper.Doll: Basic Denim: White
Boots - KAO : Suede Fringe Boots
- Necklace - GizzA - Epaulette Set (Past Gatcha Event)
 Bracelet - *May's Soul* Apache set
- Headband - :::World's End Garden::: Le jardin de la fille hair wreath

I don't care what you say, these prim boots are my favorite!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment

I found this cute top at Maitreya that I HAD to get & blog it

Be sure to check out their Mainstore! They still have a sale going on! Asmaria is a smart cookie and paid full price for this top on the marketplace -_-
It was worth every penny
I've also got a new lil friend on my shoulder! He's sooo adorable, he sings and he moves around...ahh and he's FREE on marketplace!

↟ click to enlarge ↟ 

Body Parts ↫

- Shape - ♡
- Skin - .tsg. Hope (with tattoo add-ons)
- Hair - [e] Conclusion
- Hands, Feet, & Sandals - Slink (with .tsg. appliers)

Clothing ↫
- Dress - Maitreya Dakota Dress
- Belt - .:GSpot:. Suleika (from the outfit)
- Gauntlets - [Innoc] shell outer armor
- Bird - Grizzly Creek Cutthroat Finch (marketplace)
- Collar - BlackPearls - Obsessed Collar