Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment

I found this cute top at Maitreya that I HAD to get & blog it

Be sure to check out their Mainstore! They still have a sale going on! Asmaria is a smart cookie and paid full price for this top on the marketplace -_-
It was worth every penny
I've also got a new lil friend on my shoulder! He's sooo adorable, he sings and he moves around...ahh and he's FREE on marketplace!

↟ click to enlarge ↟ 

Body Parts ↫

- Shape - ♡
- Skin - .tsg. Hope (with tattoo add-ons)
- Hair - [e] Conclusion
- Hands, Feet, & Sandals - Slink (with .tsg. appliers)

Clothing ↫
- Dress - Maitreya Dakota Dress
- Belt - .:GSpot:. Suleika (from the outfit)
- Gauntlets - [Innoc] shell outer armor
- Bird - Grizzly Creek Cutthroat Finch (marketplace)
- Collar - BlackPearls - Obsessed Collar


  1. Can you be a bit more descriptive... I'm trying to find:

    - Socks - *GF* Button Socks :OverKnee:

    But I don't know what 'GF' stands for :(

    1. Hello!
      I am terrible at keeping landmarks...I try to keep my inventory free of the unpacking scripts, landmarks, notecards and such. You can feel free to IM me (Asmaria Lyvette) for any details or additional questions you might have ^^

      But regarding the socks, the creator of them is Cerberus Noel and they own a store called *G Field*

      Thanks for viewing! ^^